MXGP Academy



The MXGP Academy was an initiative launched in 2015 by Youthstream, the promoter of the FIM Motocross World Championship at that time, and FIM Europe. The project was then supported by Infront Moto Racing, MXGP promoter, and FIM since 2020.

One of the Important focus of the MXGP Academy program is creating “Motocross Training Club or Circuit (MTC)” with MX-trainers using all the same program and the point system all over the world. With the new standards of the MTC and the training related, it is easier to support new talented MX-riders in countries where there is not an established connection with important races, like European Championship or World Championship Motocross. This will offer equal chances to the MX-riders all over the world.

The target is to reach 100 MTC destinations, all over the world, by the end of 2025.


The MXGP Academy aim to provide young motocross riders with professional training and development opportunities.

The MXGP Academy offers a structured program that focuses on improving riders' skills, both on and off the track, including the education of the athletes. It also provided access to experienced MX-Trainers, who offer guidance and training programs in various aspects of motocross, such as basic MX-training, physical training programs, mental preparation, and high-speed riding techniques. The MXGP Academy also emphasizes the importance of education, sportsmanship, and career planning in general.

Through the MXGP Academy, promising young riders have the chance to learn from the top rider’s expertise and from experts in the motocross industry. It aims to nurture talent, groom future champions, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the sport.


The MXGP Academy also provides educational resources and guidance to trainers, parents of young motocross riders.

Recognizing the crucial role parents play in supporting their children's motocross journey, the MXGP Academy aims to educate and empower parents with knowledge and understanding of the sport to create a supportive environment for young riders, fostering their growth and development in the sport while ensuring their well-being and success both on and off the track.


The first and foremost objective of the MXGP Academy is to train local MX-Trainers and to help develop and enhance MX-training abilities.

The FIM aims to improve the overall training standards in motocross and ensure that MX-Trainers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to support the development of young riders. The long-term objectives are to support the National Federations with the development of local training certifications and diplomas.

These training programs focus on various aspects, including technical skills, training methodologies, rider development, safety guidelines, and effective communication.

By training MX-Trainers, the MXGP Academy aims to create a ripple effect, where well-trained MX-Trainers could then pass on their expertise and provide quality instruction to riders at various levels, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of motocross as a sport.

Below the MXGP Academy Certification system for riders:

  • MX-A: Focus on flag signals and behavior rules in sport. (Social and environment).
  • MX-B: Focus on basic information about food and good beverage in sport, First aid in case of injuries, Medication and Anti-doping.
  • MX-C: Focus on training and all what is important during training.
  • MX-D: Focus on basic information about mental aspects of the athlete.
  • MX-E: Focus on broader information regarding the aspects of MX-A, B and C certificate (more    
  • MX-F: Sport and social media, sponsoring, contacts and sponsor interests.
  • MX-G: Basic Media training.

In addition to the above, the Academy runs a Basic training for Motocross focusing on:

  • Standing before the corners
  • Elbows Up
  • Sit-Gas moment
  • Exit corner
  • Speed and corner speed

The international training course see also:

  • MT-1: MT-BASIC - ASS. MX-TRAINER – 1-day course supported by FIM.
  • MT-2: MX-TRAINER LICENCE - ASS. TRAINER LEVEL 2 – 4-day course supported by FIM and by KNMV; the licence is issued by the Dutch Motorsport Federation (KNMV).


The MXGP Academy team is composed by:

  • Martin van Genderen, coordinator of the Academy’s activities; he is professional MT-3 level trainer, coach, former GP sidecar passenger and professional team manager in MX and Road race teams;
  • Jan Postema, main MX-trainer of MXGP Academy since 2015; he is former GP rider 125 / 250CC and World Champion MX of Nations in 1984;
  • John van de Berk, he is the main MX-trainer of MXGP Academy since 2015; World Champion 125, 250cc and Dutch MX-team of Nations 1984;


The MXGP Academy training weekend for youngsters is taking place over the weekend in the same location and during a GP. It includes:

  • 2 times MX training of 45 minutes each at Grand Prix track.
  • Riders’ education to obtain the MX-A certificate.
  • Parents education: workshop at Media Centre “How to communicate with an MX rider.”
  • Visits at the paddock of Factory teams, industry partner, Tv-studio, and Media Centre.
  • Photo sessions during the visits and at the pitlane. Poster signed by top riders.

The local National Motorsport Federation can invite up to 10 riders aged between 8 and 12 years old and riding in 65 or 85cc class. Besides that, YAMAHA MOTOR EUROPE can also invite 5 YAMAHA Blu Cru riders, divided over the same classes.

The MXGP Academy MX-trainers get assistance of minimum 2 local MX-TRAINERS, for translation and guiding the group of local riders.


HOLLAND (Warschauw) – 6-8 March 2023

PORTUGAL (Agueda) – 28-29 April 2023

SPAIN (Arroyomolinos) – 4-6 May 2023

ISRAEL - 17-20 May 2023

LATVIA (Riga) - 2-3 June 2023

GERMANY (Teutschanthal) - 9-10 June 2023

LITHUANIA (Vilnius) – 15-17 June 2023

CZECH REPUBLIC - 14-15 July 2023

FINLAND - 28-29 July 2023

TURKEY - 1 - 2 September 2023

ZAMBIA – 13-17 September 2023

CHILE – 11-14 October 2023


LATVIA (Riga) – 27-28 January 2023

SPAIN (Malaga) – 13-14 January 2023