FIM ready to roll out new Brand Identity to mark historic 120th anniversary

Marking the historic 120th anniversary of the FIM in 2024, the new Brand Identity is being formally introduced on all FIM tools and digital communications and will be applied at all FIM events and championships with immediate effect. Variations of the new logo for the Continental Unions and FIM commissions will be included in the roll out plan.

Initially unveiled to the FIM Family by FIM President Jorge Viegas at the FIM General Assembly last December in Liverpool - Great Britain, the newly designed blue monochrome FIM logo consists of a dynamic slanted three-bold-letters-acronym, more commonly recognised as the FIM. The initial letter ‘F’ is intersected by three horizontal lines and this detailing ends on the left side with a curved silhouette, which resembles the shape of a wing.


Purposely designed, these three wing-shaped lines – also referred to as ‘speed lines’ – suggest a feeling of speed, but also portray a clear graphic heritage with the classic FIM emblems of the past. Reflecting the many different forms of use in the modern and digital world, the new FIM logo can be used with or without the lower text ‘FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE MOTOCYCLISME’, according to each situation.
Fabio Muner, FIM Marketing & Digital Director, stated: “I would like to thank the MetaDesign, the branding agency of Publicis Group, for its involvement and creativity in designing all the new graphic design system and the new FIM logo that aim to reflect and to embrace the challenges of the fast-paced world in which we now operate and exist. We would also like to thank the FIM Championship promoters, and everybody involved for their support during this historic milestone to roll-out the new brand identity in every FIM World Championship, World Cup and event from this year and onwards.”

MetaDesign Lausanne added: “We are honoured to partner with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme for the historic rebranding of the FIM on its 120th anniversary. Our vision was to blend tradition with innovation, creating a visual identity that reflects the dynamic spirit of motorcycling and respects the rich heritage of the FIM. This modern, sleek logo marks a significant milestone and propels the brand into the future.”

Information relating to the correct use of the FIM logos, and its variations is available in the FIM graphic charter please email the FIM Marketing department marketing(at)