All-new FIM Land Speed World Records event coming to Germany in September

World Speed Trials by SwissPerformance to bring short-distance FIM Land Speed World Record racing to Lausitzring, September 21-24.

In a first event of its kind, the World Speed Trials by SwissPerformance is bringing FIM Land Speed World Records racing to Europe with the support of the German Motorcycling Federation (DMSB). The World Speed Trials are set to take place at the Lausitzring in Germany on September 21-24, 2023. The unique event will provide FIM Short Distance World Record with Flying Start competition on the quarter-mile racecourse.  

Rudolf Steck, owner of SwissPerformance, is himself a passionate FIM Land Speed World Record racer and an experienced event promoter. Along with organizing a number of motorcycle events in his home country of Switzerland, Steck promoted the 2018 World Speed Trial Australia at Lake Gairdner where he was also a competitor. “Ruedi” now looks forward to bringing the opportunity to become an official FIM Land Speed World Record home to Europe, where the Lausitz Ring in Germany will provide short-distance land-speed racing.

 “The European venue allows teams from Europe to participate with more modest budgets, as the cost of travel, technical infrastructure and accommodation is a fraction of the cost of events outside Europe,” said Steck. “This is set to become a regular annual European event, and continuously expanded as a counterweight to overseas events.”

Taking place at an established racing venue as opposed to a natural surface such as the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA or the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia not only helps to keep costs down in terms of racing facilities, but provides another unique opportunity for spectators. Due to safety and lack of barriers, spectators cannot typically get close to the racing action at a land-speed meet, but the World Speed Trials by SwissPerformance at Lausitzring will let fans get up close to the action.

“For the participants – drivers and spectators – this event will be a unique experience,” Steck explained, “because in contrast to events abroad, the spectators can experience the races up close.” This up-close experience has the potential to draw in more fans and competitors as they witness the thrill of high speeds, as well as the technical skill and hands-on ingenuity required to reach a prestigious FIM Land Speed World Record.

For more information on the World Speed Trials by SwissPerformance, visit Only a limited number of participants will be allowed; entry info is now available at  

Organizer: Ruedi Steck – | +41 76 347 28 91

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