Alex Salvini launches his Enduro Academy in partnership with FIM Ride Green

Alex Salvini, FIM Sustainability Ambassador, has inaugurated his Enduro Academy in technical partnership with FIM Ride Green.

Earlier this week, Alex Salvini inaugurated his enduro academy “THE RIDE ACADEMY Alex Salvini Signed” with an important goal front and foremost. This was to introduce the students to the practice of sustainable enduro, incorporating topics oriented to the protection of biodiversity, the responsible practice of enduro and a sound knowledge of the FIM regulations.

Alex, a renowned FIM Sustainability Ambassador, is spearheading a unique training model, the Enduro Academy, with the technical support of the Experts of the International Sustainability Commission of the FIM. The Salvini Academy is set to introduce a sustainable strategy that will revolutionise the world of training.

Since 2013, Alex has led multiple KiSS (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) programs and has previously represented FIM in the United Nations General Assembly in Kenya, cementing his position as a leader in raising awareness of sustainability. After retiring as a professional rider, Alex expressed his passion for working towards the sport's sustainability.

The academy will prioritise environmental protection, with a particular emphasis on biodiversity. It will dedicate ample time to discussing regulations and guidelines, ensuring that the academy adheres to the highest environmental standards.

Other activities will include:
•    Review of the Environmental Code
•    Reduction of plastic consumption
•    Gender inclusion
•    Local economy support
•    KM0 food
•    Support of local producers
•    Waste management plan
•    Respect of the protected areas
•    Plus others…

Alex Salvini, owner of THE RIDE ACADEMY Alex Salvini Signed said: "As an FIM Sustainability Ambassador, I have a big responsibility to introduce a sustainable lifestyle in all our actions. I always protect the environment during my competitions, and I believe that working in partnership with Ride Green and incorporating the principles of sustainable motorcycling in my academy is the best way to send a message and raise awareness amongst the big off-road family."

Kattia Juárez FIM International Sustainability Commission’s Director added: “It has been a true pleasure to work alongside Alex. We have been preparing the material and offering him advice in all areas where he needed assistance. THE RIDE ACADEMY Alex Salvini Signed structure has been planned with the general principles of our Ride Green Programme and regulations in mind, and Alex has incorporated significant areas such as biodiversity protection, gender equality, and plastic reduction. We are optimistic that these changes will lead to a responsible practice of sports, and the student's behaviour will reflect this positive impact.”

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