FIM Sustainability Week 2023: Letter from the FIM President

This is the third annual occasion recognising and applauding the Sustainability Week within the FIM. A week dedicated to celebrating the efforts that the members of this great organisation make time after time and that this year will be held from 5 to 11 June.

Over recent times, we have welcomed a community increasingly involved in achieving the Agenda 2030.  We have seen a large number of fans concerned about current critical issues, who are looking for conscious and committed entertainment.

In motorcycle sport, tourism and mobility we have made progress in fundamental areas such as education, inclusion and energy transition whilst taking advantage of the technological potential for phasing out fossil fuels. We have also worked on the reduction of the sound level, plus we have received with great enthusiasm the ambitious sustainability strategies from our promoters who have also spared no effort in the certification of our championships.

This year we are both pleased and proud to present our first ever Sustainability Report which will be presented during these celebrations.

Other relevant activities that we will celebrate are : 10 years of the KiSS Programme, which has the central objective to focus on the design and implementation of sustainable events; The sustainable enduro school for children in Portugal; the celebration of the World Environment Day, promoted by UNEP, which the FIM has supported since 2006 as well as other projects that will be added to all the activities and that will be announced throughout the week.

The motto of our 2023 campaign is "Join us to build a better future” – this is dedicated with great respect to the guild of engineers and mechanics who work every day in all sectors of our organisation and who have a predominant role in achieving our objectives.

As with every year, I convey a cordial invitation to all members of this great FIM family, our Continental Unions, Promoters, National Federations, Riders, Journalists, and Organisers to join the permanent efforts to preserve our environment, contribute to local communities, support global objectives and also to join in the celebrations of this great FIM Sustainability Week.

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Jorge Viegas
FIM President