2023 FIM Awards Partners confirmed and applauded

The FIM is proud to present the 2023 FIM Awards Partners and thanks them for their invaluable support.
The French company has been producing high-performance motor oils and lubricants for one-hundred-and-sixty years and is a long-time global Partner of the FIM and its events.

The car rental giant is a long-time global Partner of the FIM and its events and has been title sponsor of the Hertz FIM Trial World Championship since 2020.
A world-leading travel management and events company, ATPI is at the forefront of carbon measurement, reduction and offset. ATPI is a Main Partner of the FIM Awards and the Presenting Partner of the FIM Environment Trophy.
A Main Partner of the FIM Awards, Prosecco is the exclusive provider of world-class Italian sparkling wine for the FIM Awards and has a dedicated 360 video booth at ACC Liverpool.
The award-winning merchandise solutions company will be the FIM’s Global Merchandise Partner in 2024 and has provided dedicated merchandise for the Pre-Event Autograph Session at ACC Liverpool.
GBRacing a Main Partner of the FIM Awards, was founded in 2007 and is the market leader in bolt-on motorcycle protection products and has been a member of the FIM Quality Product Programme since 2009, an endorsement that has recently been extended for another three years.
The international motorcycle show is a Main Partner of the FIM Awards for the third year, Motor Bike Expo will take place in 2024 in Verona - Italy, from 19-21 January.
FIM Marketing and Digital Director, Fabio Muner said: “On behalf of the FIM I would like to thank all our 2023 FIM Awards Partners who help to make this wonderful occasion possible. I am looking forward to an evening celebrating another very successful season of motorcycling with everyone whilst enjoying the presence of the many FIM World Champions and FIM Trophy winners plus the FIM family.”

FIM Communications