International Medical and Ride True

The International Medical Commission (CMI)

The CMI shall concern itself with medical issues and the physical condition of motorcyclists. It shall advise the Commissions on the physical criteria each rider must fulfil in order to obtain a licence, as well as on the medical services that must be provided and made available during the organisation of motorcycle events. If requested, it shall assist the Commissions in compiling accident statistics. Members of the CMI may be appointed as medical delegates at events.

The CMI is entitled to propose rules relating to its specific field of activity to the BD together with a suggested date for their entry into force.

The CMI is composed of medical practitioners duly registered as members of their medical association who are nominated by the FMNs. Each FMN may nominate one or two of its members.

The CMI ensures the application of the World Anti-Doping Code adopted by the World Anti-Doping Agency.



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Composition of the Commission