Happy International Volunteer Day!

FIM to highlight the importance of the volunteers on International Volunteer Day

On the International Volunteer Day 5 December, the FIM joins the promotion of the tireless work of volunteers across the globe and reminds us all that without their dedication it would be impossible to organise motorcycling events. 

Today the FIM launches a dedicated video to thank the enormous work done by all the marshals, officials and other volunteers for the motorcycling world. In the video several FIM World Champions tell how the volunteers have helped them at the races and show their gratitude towards them.
Every year there are over 400 FIM events are organised, which require the dedication of hundreds of volunteers per event. 

FIM President Jorge Viegas stated: “Not only today on the International Volunteer Day, but every day we have to remember the importance of our volunteers who make it possible for the riders to compete, for the spectators to enjoy incredible shows and for us to exist. It is crucial that we all acknowledge the contribution of our volunteers and show our gratitude to them. Thank you everyone who makes it possible for all of us to enjoy the great motorcycling events we have!” 

International Volunteer Day (IVD), is an international observance mandated by the UN General Assembly in 1985.

Watch the video HERE